NZ Topo - object class cliff_edge

This page describe the cliff_edge object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


A high, steep or overhanging face or rock. Can be rock.

Topo50 description

Only those significant either by their size or location, or where contours do not adequately depict the terrain, are held in the data and shown on the printed maps. Note that those in heavily build-up areas are not usually held in the data or shown on the printed maps. A named cliff may be held in the data as a geographic_name feature, and shown on the printed maps by it's name only. Eg. 'Benvenue Cliffs'

Topo250 description

Only those significant by their size or location are held in the Topo250 data and shown on the Topo250 printed maps; these are a generalised subset of those shown on the Topo50 series

Representation specification

Representation specification showing cliff_edge

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Class attributes

Attribute Value
Object class cliff_edge
Entity class CLIFF
Additional entity class Not applicable
Object inheritance simple_line
Entity source US Standard Entity
Map series Topo50 Topo250 Ant50
LSLIFF object class 23

Object attributes

This object class does not have attributes.

Change log

Feature version Revised Description
4 2012-08-28 Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
3 2012-08-28 Added scale-specific definitions
2 2001-11-23 Unspecified update
1 1999-03-01 intial status