NZ Topo - object class ice_cliff_edge

This page describe the ice_cliff_edge object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


Ice cliff edge; any vertical wall of ice eg. a very steep surface bounding a glacier or mass of shelf ice; the cliffed edge of an ice sheet or glacier on a land surface or the cliffs at the seaward floating edge of a glacier or ice shelf.

Representation specification

Representation specification showing ice_cliff_edge

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Class attributes

Attribute Value
Object class ice_cliff_edge
Entity class CLIFF
Additional entity class Not applicable
Object inheritance simple_line
Entity source US Standard Entity
Map series Ant50
LSLIFF object class 517

Object attributes

This object class does not have attributes.

Change log

Feature version Revised Description
4 2012-08-28 Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
3 2010-03-01 object class change
2 2001-11-23 Unspecified update
1 1999-03-01 intial status