NZ Topo - object class height_pnt

This page describe the height_pnt object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


A height above a vertical datum, represented on a map by a dot locator with the elevation printed beside the dot. Unlike trigonometrical stations, spot heights are not identifiable on the ground

Topo50 description

Spot heights were captured by photogrammetry when the first edition 1:50,000 maps were created between 1976 and 1998. Height points are not present where a beaconed trig is located, even if the beaconed trig is not heighted.

Topo250 description

Mostly a generalised subset of those held in the Topo50 data are held Topo250 data and shown on the Topo250 printed maps; there will be instances of historic heights that exist in the Topo250 data, which don't appear in the Topo50, eg. in locations where, in the Topo50 data, a beaconed trig without a height value is present.

Ant50 description

Spot heights are only available in the areas captured by photogrammetry

Representation specification

Representation specification showing height_pnt

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Important information: Height_pnts in forest and snow areas may be less accurate.

See also: contour sinkhole_pnt

Class attributes

Object classheight_pnt
Entity classSPOT HEIGHT
Additional entity classNot applicable
Object inheritancegraphic_point
Entity sourceProposed NZ Std Entity
Map series Topo50 Topo250 Ant50 Topo500
LSLIFF object class55

Object attributes

AttributeLSLIFF code
Shapefile field
Data type
Attribute descriptionAttribute values*
The elevation above mean sea level.
A unique identifier for use on Topo50 data in the LINZ Data Service. This is not a universal ID. The intention is to manage these ID’s as persistent, however this is not guaranteed and there will be instances where what appears to be a minor change to a feature may result in a new ID being assigned.

* See explanation of attribute values for more information about how attribute values are represented.

Change log

Feature versionRevisedDescription
72012-08-28Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
62012-08-28Added scale-specific definitions
52010-01-03removed attribute
42001-11-23Unspecified update
32000-03-31new attribute
21999-10-01updated data type
11999-03-01initial status