NZ Topo - object class floodgate_pnt

This page describe the floodgate_pnt object class used to represent objects in the NZTopo topographic database.


Gate opened and closed to admit or exclude water.

Topo50 description

Floodgates have become a legacy feature. This means that they will remain in the data until a sheet undergoes revision. During this process, the floodgates will be deleted for that sheet,

Representation specification

Representation specification showing floodgate_pnt

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See also: river_cl river_poly

Class attributes

Object classfloodgate_pnt
Entity classGATE
Additional entity classNot applicable
Object inheritancegraphic_point
Entity sourceUS Standard Entity
Map series Topo50
LSLIFF object class41

Object attributes

AttributeLSLIFF code
Shapefile field
Data type
Attribute descriptionAttribute values*
The orientation or angle of the feature as it is shown on the map. This is measured in radians starting from due east, in a counter- clockwise direction for positive numbers or clockwise for negative numbers.

* See explanation of attribute values for more information about how attribute values are represented.

Change log

Feature versionRevisedDescription
82012-08-28Updated map image and aerial view; added representation specification and example feature photographs
72012-08-28Added scale-specific definitions
62012-08-27Updated Topo50 description
52010-03-01object class change and removed attribute river_definition
42002-06-18new attribute
32001-11-23Unspecified update
21999-10-01new attribute
11999-03-01initial status